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If you’re planning to try out the Cavi-Lipo procedure, it’s good to have an idea of how much it would cost you so you can set your budget ahead of time. Remember, cost and prices differs depending on areas being targeted as well as the clinics that are offering the procedure.

Average Cost of Cavi-Lipo Treatment?

An introductory cost of a Cavi-Lipo would be about $150 however, it would eventually rise to $200 depending on the package that you have chosen.

Cavi-Lipo Cost per Treatment/Session:

A session or treatment of Cavi-Lipo would cost you around $150 but may vary depending on the area that is being targeted, the health facility that is conducting, and the number of sessions that would take until desired results are achieved.

Cavi-Lipo Cost per Area

Below is the cost of a Cavi-Lipo per Area:

Abdomen – The most common area for fat cell reduction as the physical appeal is usually based. A session would cost you about $150 which is considered a good price.

Flanks – Unwanted fat cells are also deposited in this area, which is why an average of $150 would cost you for one procedure.

Arms – If you want to achieve toned arms, an average of $150 would cost you for one session of the procedure.

Thighs – Women and even men are very particular when it comes to the appearance of their thighs, and this is also one of the most common areas for fat cells. An average of $150 would cost you for one session.

Buttocks – Buttocks is an uncommon area even for other treatments, however, if you don’t feel confident on it looks, an average of $150 would cost you for one session.

Hips – Women are particular in this area since they want to achieve an hourglass figure. An average of $150 would cost for one procedure.

Cavi-Lipo Prices List per Area:

The table below shows an updated price list of Cavi-Lipo per area. Please take note the price may vary depending on the area that you want to be treated.

Cavi-Lipo Price For Per Area

Treatment Areas: Price For Per Session Number Of Sessions Required Price For Total (Estimate)

Abdomen $150

3-6 Recommended Sessions

Flanks $150

2-4 Recommended Sessions

Arms $150

2-5 Recommended Sessions

Thighs $150

3-6 Recommended Sessions

Hips $150

2-3 Recommended Sessions

Buttocks $150

3-6 Recommended Sessions

Cavitation-Lipo FAQs

Cavi-Lipo Treatments: How Many Sessions are Needed?

Cavi-Lipo is a procedure ideally for slimming and reshaping some areas of your body where body fat is present. It helps sculpts your body but put in mind that this procedure is not an alternative for weight-loss procedures or an alternative way to escape from obesity.

A recommended treatment of a Cavi-Lipo treatment would be one (1) session per 4-5 days and not less than 6 to 10 sessions. But sessions depends on the desired results on the person being treated.

Does Cavi-Lipo Work?

Yes. Cavi-Lipo works. Ultrasound waves are used to eliminate those unwanted fat cells in areas on your body. Cavi-Lipo has been proven effective and requires no downtime right after the treatment.

Cavi-Lipo Results: Is Cavi Lipo Permanent & What to Expect?

Cavi-Lipo Results

A session of Cavi-Lipo would last between 30-45 minutes and that includes pre-treatment and post-treatment however, results would not be visible after the first session of treatment. It would require you for three (3) to six (6) sessions, depending on the area that is being treated by the procedure.

Cavi-Lipo is not permanent however, it can be maintained if you follow a healthy and active lifestyle which includes drinking plenty of water, having a daily exercise.